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JP-S58202922-A: Shearing die patent, JP-S58204340-A: Method and device for continuously measuring quantity of aerosol particle in gas sample patent, JP-S58204769-A: Ac/dc converter patent, JP-S58205369-A: Picture reader patent, JP-S58205891-A: Nuclear power control device patent, JP-S58206124-A: Applying method for resist patent, JP-S5820629-A: Sealing device patent, JP-S58206407-A: Suspension lower arm patent, JP-S58206568-A: Pyrazole derivative and herbicide patent, JP-S58208881-A: Printer controlling system patent, JP-S58209201-A: Method for assembling rod antenna patent, JP-S5820973-A: Electromagnetic vibrational compressor patent, JP-S582097-A: Printed circuit board patent, JP-S58209922-A: Packing method and conveying tool of tree for transplantation patent, JP-S58210547-A: Quantitative determination of lithium patent, JP-S58211455-A: Preventive device for defective operation of rotary press patent, JP-S58211646-A: Manufacture of enzyme membrane electrode patent, JP-S58212216-A: Input clamping device of analog-digital converter in pulse driving patent, JP-S58212501-A: Picking apparatus patent, JP-S58212875-A: Welder patent, JP-S58213045-A: Polyamide composition for profile extrusion patent, JP-S58214354-A: Automatic reverse repeating device in shredder patent, JP-S5821462-A: Coating compound composition patent, JP-S58215667-A: Image forming device patent, JP-S58217489-A: Growing method of compound semiconductor crystal patent, JP-S58217625-A: Heat treating apparatus patent, JP-S5821819-A: Forming method for electrode of semiconductor element patent, JP-S58218327-A: Method and apparatus for bending plate patent, JP-S58218761-A: Alkaline battery patent, JP-S58218863-A: Structure and manufacture of yoke of stepping motor for watch patent, JP-S58219019-A: Manufacture of resin inlet for air cleaner patent, JP-S58221272-A: Mask supporting device in vapor deposition device with mask patent, JP-S58221979-A: Apparatus for producing fiber padding patent, JP-S58221982-A: Upper yarn supply apparatus of sewing machine patent, JP-S58222117-A: Surface treatment of propylene resin molding patent, JP-S58223737-A: Sampling pipe patent, JP-S58223994-A: Key telephone set patent, JP-S58225462-A: System controller patent, JP-S5825158-A: Contraceptive appliance in uterus patent, JP-S582560-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-S582730-A: Detecting element for combustion state patent, JP-S5827659-A: Centrifugal screen patent, JP-S5827756-A: Curing agent for underwater paint patent, JP-S582804-A: Submarine optical fiber cable transmission line patent, JP-S5828336-A: Device for removing tensile stress patent, JP-S5829544-A: Casting method patent, JP-S5830318-A: Filter of multilayered structure patent, JP-S5833857-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S5834753-A: Grinding cutter patent, JP-S5834996-A: Method of connecting both-side printed circuit board patent, JP-S5835061-A: Electric power source device for welding patent, JP-S5835258-A: Fuel supply system for engine patent, JP-S5835403-A: Method and device for measuring depth of junction patent, JP-S583565-A: Electric rotary machine patent, JP-S5835797-A: Junction avalanche type prom patent, JP-S583593-A: Rotation controller for motor patent, JP-S5837935-A: Multi-layer integrated circuit device patent, JP-S583803-A: Manufacture of woody decorative board patent, JP-S5838243-A: Phenyl esters patent, JP-S5838323-A: Suction device for engine with supercharger patent, JP-S5839004-A: Stationary induction apparatus patent, JP-S5839497-A: Adhesive coupling member for bookbinding patent, JP-S5840109-A: Electrodialytic method and apparatus therefor patent, JP-S5840657-A: Electronic equipment patent, JP-S5841519-A: Cleaning apparatus for outside of building patent, JP-S584181-A: Display control system patent, JP-S584202-A: Fluorescent lamp apparatus patent, JP-S5842450-A: Laminated interior finish material and its manufacture patent, JP-S5842794-A: Pretreatment for electroplating in continuous electroplating line patent, JP-S584414-A: Dc power supply circuit patent, JP-S5845611-A: Peripheral memory system patent, JP-S584609-A: Assembly of tire and rim patent, JP-S5846174-A: Weld processing of polyester fabric patent, JP-S5846176-A: Water and oil repellent process of polyamide synthetic fiber patent, JP-S5846243-A: Multistage transmission patent, JP-S5846680-A: Memory element patent, JP-S5847125-A: Fuel control device of gas turbine patent, JP-S5847191-A: Apparatus for protecting compressor in cooler patent, JP-S5848173-A: Information retrieval device patent, JP-S5848181-A: Character recognition processing system patent, JP-S584942-A: Testing method for semiconductor device and semiconductor device used therefor patent, JP-S5849450-A: Air cleaner patent, JP-S5849655-A: Filling lining material mixed with converter slag granulated sand and blast furnace water granulated slag patent, JP-S5849782-A: Oil shale two step preheating process patent, JP-S5849796-A: Additive for coal-water slurry patent, JP-S58500786-A: patent, JP-S58500991-A: patent, JP-S5850160-A: Continuous casting machine patent, JP-S58501651-A: patent, JP-S58502155-A: patent, JP-S585121-A: Molding of fishing weight patent, JP-S5851823-A: Pull-down mechanism of pruning machine patent, JP-S5851832-A: Automatic scattering apparatus of herbicide patent, JP-S5852106-A: Continuous conveyance equipment with cargo conveyors patent, JP-S5852251-A: Treatment of addition compound of dipeptide ester and amino acid ester patent, JP-S5852418-A: Manufacture of 18%ni maraging steel with superior rupture toughness patent, JP-S5852462-A: Alloy for conveying roll with superior seizing and wear resistance patent, JP-S585248-A: Manufacture of curved decorative plywood patent, JP-S5852638-A: Radiation sensitive composition patent, JP-S5853476-A: Printing control system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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